2016 - Fire Monkey

Life is important when love touches it
from Whisperings from the Soul

beingness in a time of doingness,
making use of nature to assist in being in a time laden with doing

As we head into February, and wrap ourselves in love and light and life, 
we are on the cusp of joyous celebrations:
referred to by some as the Lunar New Year, the Spring Festival by many Australians,
Shambhala Day by numerous Tibetans, and often called the Chinese New Year -
It is the Eastern New Year of the Fire Monkey!


The lead up to the Eve of the new lunar cycle holds great importance and requires attention.
The Don season (this year from January 29th to February 7th, is the believed to be the days ahead of the new moon
and a time where the accumulated karma from the past year rises to the surface


Until I perceive, I cannot see
Until I see, I cannot love as I would